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We are a Spanish company with national equipment manufacturing

colon hydrotherapy and disposable hydrokits.

Since 1980, the date on which it was founded

TRANSCOM, Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L.

have managed to evolve and remain at the forefront of technology, which has made ​​us market leaders and pioneers in the design and manufacture of hydrotherapy equipment automatic and electronic colon.

Through our extensive sales network, we are present in all continents, and have made a name and reputation nationally and internationally so

clinics, spas, and therapeutic center come to us demanding projects and facilities

in your country.

With continued efforts in R & D, we ensure that our teams are in line with the latest technology, being justified by obtaining the

quality approvals received from notified bodies corresponding.

This has led us to further develop the previous models of machines, two new models

(HC-1 and HC-2000)

, which can be viewed from the main menu, in the machines section.

Our company,

TRANSCOM, Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L.

, has gathered together a group of professionals who have spent long years in health care and, more specifically, in

Colon Hydrotherapy

, a process over one thousand years old and now carried out with

modern technology to provide safe and comfortable treatment


As you will observe as you read through our Internet page, we have attempted to give everyone who contacts us the chance to familiarise themselves with our equipment and products.

TRANSCOM, Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L.

seeks to provide a comprehensive and effective service using any

apparatus, accessory or product you may require for Colon Hydrotherapy



TRANSCOM, Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L.

equipment is to be found in

health centres, hospitals and surgeries all over the world

, from Spain, where our company is based, to the United States. Doctors and therapists from many

European countries, South America and Asia

have placed their trust in our company. This trust drives us to continue designing and analysing patients' needs to provide equipment and products using the latest systems and technology.

We trust that in these pages you will find all the information you require concerning

TRANSCOM, Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L.

. We remain, however, at your disposal for any query you may wish to make. Foto company