Transcom SL - HC-3000

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Height : 1570 mm.
Width :580 mm.
Depth : 550 mm.
Weight : 70 Kg.


Thanks to digital technology, the HC-3000 incorporates unprecedented electronic safety and comfort systems, guaranteeing the perfect development of the Colon Hydrotherapy.



Technical Characteristics

-Innovated design
-Easy handling
-Easy installation
-Low energy
-Automatic pressure safety at 150 mbar
-Automatic temperature safety from 22º C to 40ºC
-Digital thermostat in Celsius und Fahrenheit
-Electronic regulator of temperature
-Flow regulator from 0 to 100 l/h
-System of hermetic drainage not causing a foul smell
-Integrated deposit for disinfectant
-Introduction of therapeutic solutions
-Polypropylene filters 5µc
-Automatic system for cleaning and disinfection
-Automatic pressure gauge from 0 to 250 mbar
-Irrigation liter counter, Irrigation time clock
-A system of collection of samples for analysis
-Incorporated ozone
-Wireless remote control
-Total shutdown system
-Incorporated wheels